Yoram Cimet

Projects Director , CIMET ARQUITECTOS

Yoram Cimet is Project Director at Cimet Arquitectos in which he has worked for 15 years. This firm specializes in architectural design, real estate development, construction and property management with 40 years of experience including various international distinctions such as the Architecture Masterprize, the Council for Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat Award of Excellence among others.    Yoram Cimet is an architect interested in creating positive impacts both in cities at an urban level, as well as in the people who inhabit it through their projects that aim to act as urban acupuncture needles creating an effect beyond the immediate. His work is governed by the principles of search for an elegant, timeless & simple aesthetic; connectivity, sustainability & efficiency; the occupant's experience with comfortable & functional spaces; Durability and resilience. He also imprints strategic thought & artisan vision to the construction process achieving very high quality final products.